Monday, March 22, 2010

Prego Pictures

From the time we found out we were expecting, Keith and I have been taking pictures to document how much I've been growing. We usually take a picture every 2 weeks or so. After we found out this news, I found myself contemplating whether or not I wanted to continue taking pictures. Part of me thought I might jinx myself (there goes that superstition again), and another felt like I would be acting phony, pretending to be happy and excited when inside I'm falling apart. I came to the decision yesterday that we shouldn't stop taking pictures. No matter what happens in this pregnancy, it will always be part of me. Therefore, I should take advantage of every opportunity we have to document it. I've attached all of the pictures we've taken so far. The latest one is from yesterday. For so long I felt like my tummy wasn't showing, but the last few pics prove that I obviously am! It's funny, because now I look back at the pictures from 8 to 17 weeks and I wish I could go back to being blissfully unaware that anything was wrong. Obviously I can't do that though. For now I just hope that I have many many more photos to come!


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