Monday, March 22, 2010

More Bad News

Well, today we got more devastating news. We learned that there is a defect of Chromosone 13, also known as Trisomy 13. This is what sparked all of the other complications within the baby. The prognosis is grim. Rather than attempt to inform you of all of the complications associated with Trisomy 13, I'll let you go to this link:

It's a lot to take in right now. The final results of all of the chromosones (which we should receive in another week or so) will tell us if there is a third separate Chromosone 13, or if the Chromosone 13 attached itself to another chromsone. If it is a completely separate third chromosone, then it is a fluke occurence. If it is attached to another chromosone, then we have a 1% chance of it happening again on a future pregnancy. We have some difficult choices to make, and have to let it all sink in before we can make them. We were told that babies who do make it to term and are born with this condition usually do not live very long. If we were to decide to terminate the pregnancy, then it would have to be at or before 22 weeks. Otherwise we would have to go somewhere out of state to have it done. That only gives me roughly 2 weeks to decide. Of course if we decide to continue with the pregnancy, there is also a risk that something will happen on its own. Both prospects terrify me. Right now I just need to talk to God and listen to my heart to help me decide what is right. Please join me in that prayer if you could.
Thanks for all of the love and support you have given me so far. Both Keith and I really appreciate it.


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