Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time For A Change

After a few weeks of thinking about (and forgetting) a new title for my blog, I've finally made a decision. I chose this one because I feel that in so many ways Ethan has impacted me. My faith, my relationships, my outlook on life and overall being have been enriched by him and this experience. I don't think I'm a completely different person than I was a year ago; but rather a more "enhanced" version of myself. My priorities have shifted. My perspective has been altered. Things I used to think were so important now seem petty. Things I used to take for granted I now appreciate. I’m not saying that I’ve been transformed into Mother Teresa or anything. But I do think that I have become a better person than I was before.

What started as a blog to inform you about Ethan has now become one that honors and remembers him. I have met many wonderful people in the past several months, and this blog has so much to do with that. I hope that it can still be a source of comfort, insight, and faith to other moms out there. Particularly those who have, are, or will be carrying a baby with a terminal diagnosis.

I haven’t been so good about posting on a regular basis, partly because I haven’t felt that I’ve too many interesting things to say. However, I will be continuing to blog and I hope that you will continue reading as I share with you my life. A life that has been enriched.