Thursday, June 7, 2012

9 Months Old!

I really cannot believe how quickly the last month has passed… it’s insane! Wyatt is 9 months old and I must say, this age is really great. He is so bubbly and charming! He’s also very inquisitive, which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing! We recently cleared out our unused dining room and converted it to a play room. It’s a free-for-all for him and he loves it.

This month has brought more exciting milestones. Wyatt’s army crawl has evolved into all fours crawling. He has also learned to pull up on EVERYTHING. Crib, baby gate, toy box, window sill… you name it. If it’s got a ledge, he’ll pull himself up on it! A few days ago Wyatt’s 4th tooth started to poke through, his second on the top. Neither one of his top teeth is visible yet, but they’re on their way! Wyatt continues to babble at us constantly, and although he can say mama and dada, he still has yet to say it directly to us purposely. He has started to clap, and I’m working with him on waving bye-bye. His favorite activities right now are playing peek-a-boo and making noises while I pat his mouth with my hand. It’s too funny!

Stranger awareness has kicked into full gear over the past month or so. If anyone talks to him while we’re out in public he gives them the stone face. He’ll usually let someone hold him for a few minutes, and then will randomly burst into tears until I take him again. I actually think it’s kind of cute, except when we’re doing something like, say, getting 9 month pictures taken. Not so cute then. But I’m sure this phase will pass soon enough!

Wyatt had his 9 month checkup this morning and everything looked great. He weighed in at 21lb 6oz (63rd percentile) and is 28.5in long (58th percentile). He only had to get two shots this time, but of course that was of little comfort to him. He still cried, but I gave him some puffs and all was well again. Our next checkup will be his one year, which will be in September. I’ll bet that will be here before we know it!

Here are Wyatt’s monthly pics along with his 9 month professional ones: