Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Trip To The Zoo!

We decided to take advantage of the sunny weather today and take Wyatt on his first trip to the KC zoo! He had fun and was happy the entire trip. Though I must say I think he seemed more fascinated by all of the people there than the animals! It was a great day and I look forward to taking him again.
Love, Ashley

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Little Cabana Boy

We broke out Wyatt's baby pool for the first time today and it was a hit! It's days like this that make me even more grateful that I get to stay home with him and share in these fun experiences. I love my cute little stinker!
Love, Ashley

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One Happy (And Mischevious) Baby!

Uh-oh, we're learning how to pull up...
Love, Ashley

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

8 Months Old!

Our little Wyatt is now 8 months old! He’s changed so much in the last month, with many new and exciting milestones. We’ve expanded Wyatt’s repertoire of solid foods to include meats, puffs, and yogurt melts. He really enjoys them. Picking up his puffs is still a bit of a challenge, but he gets better at it every day. Wyatt loves fruits, and his favorite vegetables are still sweet potatoes and carrots. He eats so much of them that his nose is stained orange from food constantly getting stuck on it! Wyatt now has his bottom two teeth, and I discovered yesterday that one of his top front teeth is just beginning to poke through. So exciting! I’m hoping it will fully break through soon and I can post some pictures of his new toofer! We continue to enjoy hearing Wyatt babble to us each day. He mostly says “da da da” and I’ve been trying to correct him to say “Mama,” but it hasn’t happened yet. Silly boy! The newest milestones Wyatt has reached this month are crawling and sitting up. He army crawls, and get can to any object in the living room in a matter of seconds. It scares the jeepers out of me! And of course, he gravitates to all items that are not toys. Cords and shoes seem to be his favorites at the moment. Since he can now sit up on his own, we have lowered his crib mattress. We determined that this needed to happen after he woke from a nap and proceeded to sit up and yank on the animals hanging from his mobile… So that’s what’s new with Mr. Wyatt. Here are our most recent pics of this handsome dude:
Love, Ashley