Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the road AGAIN...

It's been way too long since I've last updated, and I've really got some catching up to do. For starters, we found out about a month ago that we will soon be moving again. This time to Springfield, MO. Keith will be the superintendent of a bridge project down there, and while it's a great opportunity for him, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. We'll be further from home (6 hours instead of just over 3), and I have made some work friends that I'm going to miss. BUT I'm trying to be optimistic and view this as another adventurous chapter in our lives (humor me and agree). My best friend is currently living in Japan for the second time and I told her that while she is becoming the expert of the Land of the Sun, I will soon be the expert of all that is Arkansas and Missouri. Not quite as glamourous...

A few weekends ago Keith and I went down to Springfield to find a place to live. After looking at almost a dozen homes, we finally settled on one. Although ironically the one we agreed on is the one that I never actually got to go inside. We drove by it during our visit and Keith went back and walked through it. So, just like every other move, my first time inside this place will be when we actually move in. But I have seen photos online so I approve :). While we were out of town, the doggies had a nice little stay at a boarding facility. I had arranged for them to share a Suite (yes that's actually what it was called) so that they would have plenty of room to move around and could be together. When we came to pick them up, we were given an envelope that contained their "report cards." Wendell reportedly was a social butterfly and enjoyed getting some time with other dogs. Charley, it said, kept to himself and slept most of the time (though I distinctly heard his little voice barking as we came in the front doors to get them, so I'm not sure that's entirely true!). The best part is that they also made i.d. cards for them. See below:

I laughed out loud when I saw their pathetic little faces in those photos. Their cards are currently in my purse, as my version of "wallets" to show others.

Our exact moving date isn't set in stone yet, but it will likely be in less than 2 weeks. Keith's waiting to hear when his new office will have internet hookups, and once that's in place, we'll be ready to go. My last day of work was Friday, so I'm using this time to go through our stuff and organize things. Anyone who knows me well knows that this is not a strength of mine, so this could take awhile....luckily we will have movers to pack and move us, otherwise I'd be in trouble!

That's the update for now. I'll keep you posted on our move and our new city.