Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1st Tooth!

Wyatt has officially gotten his first pearly white! I actually discovered it almost on accident last week. I was feeding him his oatmeal in the morning when he bit down on the spoon and started crying. This seemed very odd to me so I felt his gums and sure enough, there were the ridges of a tooth! For the past few days Wyatt's been a little fussy and agressively gumming everything he can, so I'm thinking there may be another one right around the corner. So exciting! I just had to share that milestone and a few more pictures too :)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

1/2 A Year Down!

Our little Wyatt is 6 months old already! Can you believe it?! It’s amazing how time has flown by. He continues to change so much with each passing day, and it’s not until I pause and think about things that I realize how much he has grown in just the past month!

Wyatt has mastered rolling from both back to tummy and tummy to back. We are happy about this, as he used to get stuck on his tummy in his crib and cry. That was a frustrating few weeks! His leg strength has increased, and he can stand up (with help of course) for upwards of a minute before they give out on him. He also has been more vocal, making cooing and razzing noises on a regular basis.

This month we also started Wyatt on rice cereal and oatmeal. He’s done great with both, and I’ve discovered that my little piggy prefers them thickened and warmed up. He gobbles the stuff up! We plan on starting some veggies in the upcoming week. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to them.

We had Wyatt’s 6 month checkup today and everything looks great. He currently weighs in at 17.5 lbs (47th percentile) and is 26.5 inches long (53rd percentile). So once again he is average! As expected, he screamed during his shots, but was quickly calmed afterwards. His next appointment will be his 9 month checkup, and he’ll only have to get two shots at that one (as if that’s any consolation to him!).

I want to thank everyone for the emails and responses to my post regarding Wyatt’s sleep. While we are still having issues, things have gotten somewhat better. His naps are still hit and miss, but every so often he’s been giving me 1.5 hours instead of 30, so I’ll take it! I think the thing I need to remember right now is that he’s still a growing, changing baby, and things are not and may not ever be perfect in the sleep department. It is what it is, and all we can do is try our best to get him the rest he needs. That doesn’t necessarily make those 5:30am wakeup days any easier, but perhaps I should remind myself that someday he’ll be a teenager and we’ll be lucky if he wakes by noon!

Here are some recent pics of our 6 month old:


Mom was tired of my Gary Busey hair so I got my first haircut this month.

I look like a big boy now!