Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meeting With Our New Doctor

Today we were able to meet with the specialist out in Shawnee (Dr. Murphy) whom we will be seeing for the duration of the pregnancy. He was extremely kind and supportive, which I am very thankful for. Today's appointment basically just consisted of us talking about what Keith and I know about Trisomy 13, as well as the frequency of upcoming appointments, etc. There were some questions that I had that unfortunately can't yet be answered until further down the line, when we know a little bit more about Ethan's condition. We will be seeing this doctor on a monthly basis for now, in addition to monthly ultrasound appointments with the perinatologist. We're going to plan on staggering the appoinments so that we're either going to one place or the other every 2 weeks. That way I can have frequent checkups and, hopefully, reassurance that things are okay.

Overall I felt like today's appointment went really well, but then again any appointment that doesn't involve needles or blood is always good to me! It's reassuring to know that we have a doctor who seems to really care about us. In fact, he gave me his pager # and told me I could contact him any time I have questions or concerns. That helps to put my mind at ease a bit.

Other than that, there's really no other news to report. I'm still continually praying that Ethan will continue to grow and that he will get stronger. I thank God every day for this pregnancy because I already feel like it is already making me a better person. As always, thanks for your support and prayers- they have no doubt also contributed to that!


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  1. you're a pillar of light ashley! and such an encouragement. i liked what you said in that last post about "borrowing sorrows"... that's so true. we're praying for baby ethan, and mommy and daddy too!