Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Appointment Today

Today Keith and I have an appointment to meet with the perinatologist who did my amnio. We should be finding out the final results of the chromosones, and I'm not sure what else we might go over with her. I have to admit that there's a little bit of anxiety creeping up on me again. I guess because we've received bad news each time we've gone to that facility, I now associate it with awful feelings. But I suppose all I can do is surrender these feelings to God and hope that he can fill me with some sort of sense of calmness.

Tomorrow is our appointment with our new specialist, and I'm also kind of nervous about that. I really hope that he's a supportive, sympathetic doctor who will help us through the rest of this pregnancy and beyond. I'm not sure what the visit will entail besides discussing future appointments and possibly delivery. I will be sure to post updates after both of these appointments.

Thanks for you continued support, and please join us in praying that God will help us feel brave and calm no matter what comes our way.


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