Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Better Start Buying Lottery Tickets...

Today we were able to view the final results of the chromosones from the amnio. The good news is that it is the fluke, 1 in 100,000 occurrence and not genetically linked. So (assuming/praying lightning won't strike twice) we have an extremely slim chance of this happening in a future pregnancy. We were pretty relieved to hear this. Although I must admit that going through this experience, I may never feel 100% confident in future pregnancies no matter what the odds are.

We also found out that this is a full Trisomy 13, which means that all of Ethan's cells are affected by the third chromosone. There are three types of Trisomy 13, and this is considered the most severe. As I've said before, we don't yet know the full extent of the anomalies that our baby has besides the abdominal wall defect and enlarged kidneys. We have another level 2 ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday, which will hopefully get a better look at the heart and brain to look for any abnormalities. I am still praying that the heart is okay. I'm also praying that the brain might be only slightly affected, but I'm not going to kid myself and believe that it won't be affected at all. I know that this is almost never (if at all) the case with Trisomy 13.

I feel a little more relieved after today's appoinment, and hopefully I'll remain that way as we go into tomorrow's. I already know that the sick feeling will most likely return as I go to the ultrasound next week, but I'm trying to focus on each day as it comes. A mom who recently e-mailed me gave me a quote that her daughter lived by as she went through a similar experience:

"Don't go borrowing tomorrow's sorrows"

This is what I intend to do. I will appreciate each day as it comes, and not waste my time worrying about what's going to happen tomorrow, a week from now, or next year. Of course, this is easier said than done. But I'm going to do my best not to give in to the worries that try to take over my mind.

I'll be sure to blog after tomorrow's appointment and let you know how it goes. Thanks for all of your continued support. You have all been in my prayers as well!


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