Friday, April 2, 2010

A GOOD Friday

Today has been a really good day for several reasons. First of all, I started my new job at AAA. While I am still a "newbie" and haven't yet been trained in all facets of my role, I was able to jump in and help a lot since I have prior experience. Everyone at the office seems really nice, and they were very welcoming to me. As a bonus, I was lucky enough to start on a day that they were doing an office cookout! They had lots of yummy food for lunch, and one of the insurance agents even grilled some burgers and hotdogs! However, since it is Lent, I did have to forgo those and make a cheese sandwich instead. I still enjoyed it though! All in all my first day went really well, and I look forward to receiving more training and taking on more responsiblities.

Today was also a good day because I'm still carrying Ethan. I thought about how my appointment would have been this morning. I imagine that I'd be feeling very empty and heavy hearted right about now. I'm so thankful that I don't feel that way at the moment. While I'm aware that the future is unknown and I could very well have those feelings at some point, I know that it would be due to reasons outside of my control. So for now I'm just extremely grateful to be living in the present, for each day that I wake up happy and feel Ethan's little fluttering movements. Those are the things that make for a good day, and today was definitely a GOOD Friday!


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  1. Your courage and love are such a testimony to your faith and trust in all God has planned for you and for Baby Ethan! God bless you,Ashley,for blessing so many others! Have a very blessed Easter!