Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Making Progress!

I had my weekly appointment today, and am now 2-3cm dilated and 90% effaced. Whoohoo! Of course my OB couldn’t ballpark when labor might begin (as it could be anyone’s guess), but she did say she thought it would be unlikely that I would need to be induced. I’m hoping she’s right about that! Everything else was pretty routine. My blood pressure was normal, Wyatt’s heartbeat was 156bpm and my belly measured 37cm. I go back next Wednesday, and hopefully I’ll have made some more progress by then.

This morning my boss and co-workers in my department surprised me with a little shower. I haven’t mentioned my job since starting my temp position back in April, have I? I’m still at MSU (at least until Friday) working in the Facilities Maintenance department. It’s actually my second position there, as I was asked to work for this department on my last day of my prior placement. As such, I work mostly around middle-aged men. I kind of forgot about this as I opened a few gifts today and held them up for all to see. Since there were roughly 3 women and 10 men in the room, I really didn’t get the Awww! response that one would expect from a typical shower. It was funny to me because I forgot that a bunch of men could probably care less! The highlight of the celebration, of course, was the cake. Delicious! I was very grateful and touched that they would take the time to celebrate with me, and will miss the people that I’ve gotten to know there over the last several months.

So that’s the update for now. We are now beginning to be on “Wyatt Watch” so I will be sure to keep you all informed if anything happens from here on out!


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