Monday, August 15, 2011

35 Weeks and Visitors

This weekend Keith's parents came down to Springfield to visit us. We had a good time, and tried to show them what the area has to offer (within the limits that I could handle!). On Saturday morning we went to the Bass Pro Shop (did you know it originated in Springfield?) and in the afternoon we explored Fantastic Caverns. We took a guided jeep tour of a large cave, where we were able to see limestone formations, stalagmites and stalactites dating back thousands of years. It's pretty impressive. Yesterday we spent the day touring the Table Rock Lake and Branson areas. It was a busy weekend, and hard to go back to work today!

I am now just over 35 weeks along. It's hard to believe that we only have roughly a month (or less) to go. It really is a milestone for me, as I delivered Ethan at exactly 35 weeks. I've found myself stressing a little bit in the past few weeks, I think because I feared that Wyatt could also come that soon. I felt a need to get everything prepared before hitting the 35 week mark (though I'm still not finished with it all), just in case. I don't know how soon he may make his appearance, but I'm hoping he can hold out until 37 weeks when I'm considered full term. Though it would be really nice if he could wait longer than that so I can have some time between my last day of work (Sep. 2) and his arrival to sleep in a little!

Here’s the latest belly pic:


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