Monday, July 25, 2011

32 Weeks

Today I had my 32 week appointment, which consisted of an ultrasound and visit with my OB. Wyatt looked healthy with a steady heartbeat of 150bpm. He is currently estimated to be 4lb 4oz, and is in the 37th percentile. I was a little confused by this, as I thought this weight was closer to the 50th percentile or above (depending on what book or website I've read). I was only 6lb 11oz at birth and Keith was 7lb 3oz, so I suppose this could mean we will have a baby in that weight range. Though these ultrasound measurements are just an estimate, so I guess we'll have to wait and see how big he ends up being! The tech also pointed out a white "ring" around his head that she said was hair, which was neat to see. Hopefully that means he'll have a decent amount when he's born!

The good news is it appears I no longer have a placenta previa. Wyatt's head (not sure if it was all of part of it) is currently positioned in between my placenta and cervix. Because of that, the tech couldn't give us an exact measurement of the distance between the two, but the fact that his head is there indicates there's a pretty good amount of space. So it looks like a vaginal delivery will definitely be possible.

The visit with my OB was pretty short and sweet again. My belly measured 33cm, which is right on track. My next appointment will be in 2 weeks, on August 8th.

Here's the latest belly pic:



  1. You look great! Almost there - hang in there! Also, I've NEVER, EVER, EVER heard of the weight guesses being even close. One of my friends was sent to a specialist because her baby was "measuring small" and they were guessing under 5lbs right up to the birth date. The baby was over 8lbs! So relax, don't worry and best of luck!

  2. That's such great news!! So glad to hear you no longer have placenta previa. At my last ultrasound, which was around 32.5 weeks, Brooke was measuring 4.5 lbs and they said she was in the 37th percentile too. And I was just as confused as you are because I thought that was right on track! I was also a little concerned because one of my books says she'll double her weight from then until she's born, and I'm really hoping to not have a 9 lb baby!

    But, like you said, it's just an estimate and these ultrasounds are known to be inaccurate in their estimates, so we'll see how big they really end up being. Hopefully in the 6-7 lb range! Not too big and not too small :)