Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 Week Appt

I had another OB checkup yesterday, which was pretty short and sweet. Wyatt's heartbeat was 145 bpm and I was measuring around 32 cm. My next appointment is in another 2 weeks, on July 25th. At that one we'll do another ultrasound to check on my placenta. I asked her what it was measuring from the ultrasound 2 weeks ago, and at that point it was roughly 2.7cm from my cervix. When I asked what the general cut-off or "safe" measurement is for a vaginal delivery, she said something to the effect of 3 cm. Therefore, she thought where it was already lying would be enough to try for it. It's starting to make me nervous though, as I fear that there will be heavy bleeding when I go into labor/delivery. I would hope that my OB wouldn't recommend a vaginal delivery if this were a serious risk, but I'm going to bring it up at my next visit.

So that's the latest news for now. Until July 25th we will continue to pray that my placenta moves to 3 cm (and hopefully just a little past that for good measure). If you would join us in this prayer, we would appreciate it!


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