Saturday, October 29, 2011

He Smiles! (And Other Updates)

As my title implies, we've finally gotten to see Wyatt grin without him being asleep! He's still in the early stages of smiling in response to us, but when he does it is adorable. He also gets much more animated in response to his toys now. He will coo, kick his legs and (sometimes) smile. It is quite amusing to watch. I will do anything to try and solicite grins from him now. Most days I would liken myself to a rodeo clown. But when I see this, it's worth it:

I couldn't get him to look directly at me, but I'm choosing to believe that it was my squealing at him that caused these smiles, and not some random shadow on the wall...

If only our little Wyatt would smile like that all of the time! He has his moments of fussiness throughout the day, but fortunately we can calm him down in a matter of a few minutes (though sometimes that can feel like FOREVER when he's crying!). Usually it's because Mr. Sensitive doesn't like the position he's being held in or is bored of the scenery. Walking him into the living room and bouncing him around on our shoulder tends to do the trick. At times he'll let out a pouty noise and stick out his lower lip in an attempt to be dramatic. I have no idea where he learned that kind of behavior. Despite his high-maintenance moments, we still love him :)

In other news, did I mention we're moving? Again? In about two weeks? Somewhere in the midst of all this baby business I’ve neglected to update about that! The bridge work Keith is running down here is just about done, and we will be moving back to the Kansas City area. We’re hoping to arrange the movers to come and pack us up on Nov 10th and move our stuff in on the 11th. We found a house to rent, and we’ll have a basement again…yippee! It’s amazing how you take those for granted when you are from an area of the country where they’re the norm. Once you live in a place without one, you realize how much extra space they provide you with. I am really excited to be closer to home again, and live in an area where we have friends. In the meantime we’ve got quite a bit of cleaning up/preparing to do. Things may be a bit hectic around here, but we’ll survive. It’s just too bad I can’t snap my fingers and be settled in there already!

So that’s what’s new with us. Try to keep up with us if you can…it’s hard for me to!



  1. I adore that first picture. What a cute smile!!!!!

  2. Loving those smiles. I'd act like a rodeo clown too, if I were you.