Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

I can't believe Wyatt is one month old already. The last few weeks have really gone by quickly. Wyatt has grown so much in that time. He's now around 9 1/2 pounds. What a little chunker! I am now exclusively pumping and bottle feeding him breast milk. We struggled with breatfeeding in the first two weeks, as he was such a sleepy boy. Though he was gaining weight, it was starting to slow down as his intake progressed. Our lactation consultant suggested a few weeks ago that we limit the time he feeds with me, and then supplement the rest of the feeding with bottled breast milk. Eventually this has turned into just feeding him from the bottle. So far it's working well and I'm even managing to pump and feed him simultaneously. Hopefully I can continue to manage this as he grows bigger! He has been eating 8 times a day, with about 3.5 oz per feeding. He usually eats about every 2.5-3 hours during the day. The last few nights, however, I've accidentally let him go between 4.5- 6 hours without feeding. And I had even set my alarm! You know you're tired when you don't remember the alarm even going off and wake up an hour later...
I know most newborns shouldn't go more than 3 hours without eating, but he's been getting 8 feedings in, so I'm sort of wondering if I should just let this pattern continue? I may call his pediatrician to ask about this. Anyone have any insight on that?

Wyatt has also been much more alert and interactive during his waking hours. He follows our faces and small objects with his eyes when we play with him. It's so neat to see him progressing. We have been doing tummy time with him each day, and he does a great job of holding up his neck. Though I think he gets more of a neck workout when I'm holding him on my shoulder and he's hungry. That child will throw his head around when he's rooting!

We've started nicknaming Wyatt "Monkey" because he's so squirmy and has a pretty significant amount of hair...and not just on his head. He has the hairiest shoulders I've ever seen on a baby! He must get it from his dad :)

Here are some pics of our monkey that we've taken recently:

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Wyatt!


  1. I looooooove his hair. I really hope my Nugget (if she ever decides to grace us with her presence) has a head of hair just like that. :)

  2. I never woke my son to eat.. not even in the hospital. He's was sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at night from day 1, and he is now the BEST sleeper. As long as he's gaining, let him sleep! My mom always told me "never wake a sleeping baby". He's adorable btw!

  3. Happy 1 month Wyatt! It's hard to believe it has already been that long! Love all the pics!
    And, by the way, you look AMAZING!!!!! :)

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