Sunday, October 16, 2011

6 Weeks

Today Wyatt is 6 weeks old. When each Sunday arrives I can't believe it's already been a week since the last one. We're getting settled into our daily routine together, and usually venture out for an errand or two almost every day. Wyatt has a hearty appetite, taking in around 4 oz 7 times a day. He's now tipping the scales at just under 11lbs. I know this because I am neurotic and bought a scale. And I'm not ashamed to admit it! We actually rented one from a store last month when I was still trying to breastfeed so we could guage his intake. I've gotten kind of addicted to being able to weigh him whenever I wanted, so I decided last week to buy one. In case anyone is interested, we got ours at Babies R Us for $59.99 and it goes up to 44lbs. So now this spazzy mommy can make sure he's growing properly...which he definitley is! You know your baby is a little chunky when he has skin fold lines on his arm besides where his elbow is. :)

Wyatt has taken more of an interest in his toys as well. There are two in particular that he's fascinated with, and we hang them from the shelf above his changing table to distract him while we change his diaper. He'll start to coo and make little noises while he watches them. It's so cute! I'm still waiting for him to smile socially. He smiles and even laughs in his sleep many times throughout the day, but I have yet to really see him do it in response to us. I've had a few moments where I thought I caused him to smile, but I'm still not sure. Personally I think I'm pretty hilarious, and hopefully he'll realize that soon...I get a little self-conscious when my jokes and silly faces go unappreciated!

Here are some recent pics:

Crime fighting is exhausting!

For a minute there I thought he was giving me the finger...

Hangin' out with Dad
Sleeping in my sling

I bought this Brest Friends pillow before I started pumping exclusively. Glad to see someone's getting use out of it now.


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