Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Settling In

What a week! We are officially residing in Springfield! Last Wednesday our movers came to pack and load us, and delivered our stuff here on Thursday. We've managed (well mostly Keith's managed) to get almost everything put away or hung up on walls. It actually looks like a home now! The doggies have adjusted well, though they were pretty out of it when we got here Wednesday night and the place was empty. Now that our things are here, they recognize their scent and feel right at home again. The only thing that concerns me right now is the wood flooring that encompasses the living room, hallway, and one of the bedrooms. It sounded like a great feature before we moved here, as it limits the chance that the dogs will have an accident (they prefer to potty on nice, fluffy carpeting over bare floors). Now I'm a little paranoid. We had Wendell's nails clipped before we moved here, but he tends to run when he gets excited and I'm freaked out that he's going to make scratches. Not only will we be getting some rugs to limit the amount of exposed flooring, but I've also contemplated buying dog booties and making him wear them anytime he's in the house. Ridiculous? Probably. But it's cheaper than losing our deposit, so it's worth it. Ah, the joys of pet ownership. I think a visit to Petsmart is in our near future...

In other news, I'm still working on the whole job thing. As I've said before, the first week or so of unemployment is enjoyable, but beyond that it's pretty lame. Each time I’m between jobs I find that my desire to buy sweatpants increases, and that’s never a good thing. I’m still not quite sure if I’ll pursue teaching next year or not. Keith seems to be fairly confident that we’ll only be here for a year, and that means that I potentially would have to leave in the middle of the school year. I’ve already done that once and it’s really not fun, or fair for the kids. Speaking of that, I received my Missouri teaching license in the mail today, whoohoo! So if I do decide to pursue it now or in the future, I’ve got that covered. In the meantime I’ve been scouring the web for other job opportunities. Hopefully I’ll find something decent soon enough.

That’s it for now. Hope you’re having a great week!


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