Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Heading Home

I've been a bit neglectful with my blog lately, and there is so much to catch up on. We've been preparing for our move these last few weeks. We leave Thursday for Omaha and will be doing some painting at our house this weekend.  Then Keith is coming back down here on Sunday and the movers will be here next week. Wyatt and I will stay at my parents' house so we're out of the way during that process. I can't wait until we're settled back into our house. It will be so nice to have a place that is truly ours again.

So what's new with Wyatt? He has improved in his walking, and is now moving all over the place. Heaven forbid I turn my back on him for a second, as he can quickly disappear! He currently enjoys going into our bathroom and getting into my cabinet of hair products, as well as going into our closet and closing the door. He did that last week and managed to break my shoe rack during the short time he was in there. The boy does not have a future at Famous Footwear.

I continue to be amazed by how much Wyatt understands. I still think of him at times as the baby who didn't have a clue what anyone was saying to him.  Throughout the day I will randomly turn on the baby channel we have on tv, and Wyatt finds it highly entertaining. Since  the same shows run (a million times) each day, I've memorized many of the theme songs. If I sing them while we're playing, he immediately goes to look at the tv. It's pretty funny. We taught Wyatt how old he is this month. When we ask him, he holds up his pointer finger to say "one." He also knows some of his body parts such as his hair, ear, belly, hand, foot and nose (though he usually wants to grab our nose instead of his). It's just so cool to watch him develop.

A few weeks ago I braved a trip home by myself with Wy for a friend's baby shower. The last time I had ever driven alone with him for such a length of time was when we moved here, and that was when he was a sleepy 2 month old. I was a bit nervous as to how this would go. Usually when we make trips home I sit in the back with him, providing constant attention, food, and fun. Wyatt has a habit of throwing toys that I give him out of his carseat these days, so I wasn't sure how I would keep him entertained. However, it actually went ok. For the first two hours of each trip he was pretty quiet and slept on and off. The last 1 1/2 hrs, though, involved lots of tears. And Wyatt cried too. ;) But we survived and had a great time at the shower. I'll be driving up alone with him when we go back home, so at least I'll be prepared and it's a one way trip!

And of course, here are some recent pics:

I'm a messy eater.

 The baby channel.
 I'm number one!
 Just helping with the recycling...
 Playing with Daddy.
So much fun!

Oh, you were going to fold these towels?
 Mama tried for a photo op.
Just being silly.

So that's what's new with us. We'll keep you posted on our move once we've settled in!



  1. He is getting SO big!!! I just love it.

    And you have a lot of white towels, lady. Wow.

    1. That, my friend, is what happens when you only do laundry once a week...and I think there were some other white items mixed in too. ;)

  2. can't wait til you get all settled! Play date/mommy meet up PLEASE :)

    1. Yes!! I will definitely contact you to arrange that!