Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wyatt's Arrival

I’ve finally found a few minutes to update the blog on Wyatt’s arrival. I never realized just how much of a full-time job taking care of a newborn is! Between feedings, pumping, diaper changes, clothing him and snuggling with him, I haven’t found the time to do much else. So I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity to update you on his birth.

On Saturday night at about 9:00pm my water broke. It took me a moment to register what was happening, but within a few minutes it was clear that labor was beginning. We quickly rounded up our gear and headed to the hospital. I wasn’t having any contractions at that time, and after being checked was still dilated and effaced the same as I was at my last appointment. They decided to take me to a labor and delivery room to get an iv started and let me rest for the night to see if I would progress on my own. By 7:00 am I was only experiencing a few contractions an hour, so they decided to start the pitocin. Let me tell you, that stuff is the devil! My body quickly responded to it and I was having major contractions in no time. I decided I was ready for an epidural around 8:00 and had it put into place at 8:45 (after many painful contractions in between). BUT it still was not working for about the first 15-20 minutes, so they ran a second medication through the catheter. Finally I felt it go into effect. From there I progressed from 5cm dilated to 10cm in 15 minutes. The nurse had me start some pushes to get Wyatt into place before delivery. The doctor arrived not long after that and it took only about 3 rounds of pushing before he was born. It was amazing!
We were discharged on Tuesday and have been getting settled into our new life as a family. It’s almost bizarre to think about how different things were for us just a week ago. I really took for granted the ability to sleep for more than 3 hours a night and shower on a regular basis! Our first night home was rough, as one might expect. However, last night was much better. With the exception of one brief cry, Wyatt slept soundly each time I put him back in his pack n play after feeding/changing. I know we’re bound to have more difficult nights, but I’m hoping a majority of evenings will be like last night. Other than that, Wyatt and I are doing very well. He had his first pediatrician appt today and gained back 2 oz since being weighed yesterday. I’m hoping we’ll continue that upward trend.
Here are some more pictures of baby Wyatt:

We are so smitten :)


  1. I loooooooooooooove his full head of hair. What an angel!

  2. I love that he is dressed in his Nebraska reds even before leaving the hospital! :)