Friday, May 13, 2011

Can You Say Excited?

Last Friday Keith came home and told me that he'd ordered some Husker stuff for the bambino. When I asked what he got, he sheepishly told me it was a surprise. Naturally this made me pester him more about it and he eluded to the fact that there was a onesie, beanie cap, and shoes involved. Okay, sounds reasonable. When not one, but two separate packages arrived at my doorstep this week, I knew there was more than he'd let on about. Check out all these little doosies:

That would be 3 short sleeved onesies, one long sleeved onesie, a pair of athletic shorts, two pairs of knit booties, one pair of shoes, two pacifiers, one beanie cap, and a bib. This is not a few things. This is a wardrobe. I'm not sure which is conveyed more by his purchases: his passion for his son or Nebraska football. Either way, they are pretty darn cute. The baby is due at the beginning of the season, so he should have plenty of time to wear them for games. And Heaven help us if he's born during a might just be me in the delivery room! :)

Just thought I'd share these little goodies. They may not be tutus and headbands like I originally envisioned, but they're just as great!


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  1. So cute!! My husband and I are huge VT Hokie fans, so we totally understand the obsession. I really need to order some Hokie gear for Brooke!