Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today's Appointment

This afternoon I had my 16 week appointment. I got to hear the heartbeat again, which was 148 bpm. After speaking with my doctor, I had the second trimester AFP blood draw done. This test screens for neural tube defects such as Spina bifida. Of course we’re praying for normal results. I’m not sure if they’ll call me when they get them in, or if I’ll find out at my next appointment. I suppose I could call at the end of next week if I haven’t heard anything. My next appointment is May 2nd, and we’ll be able to find out what we’re having then! I was hoping to get the ultrasound scheduled for 2 weeks from today so that we could know before we went home for Easter. But because I will be in my 18th week at that point, the lady in scheduling told me it would be better to wait. She explained that if they weren’t able to get a good look and determine the sex at that point, I’d be out of luck or would have to schedule another one on my own dime (since insurance wouldn’t cover another ultrasound just for that purpose). I contemplated telling her that I’d gladly take that risk just to be able to have the ultrasound sooner, but decided to be rational. Although technically my next appointment should be a week sooner than it is because I had to go 5 weeks before my last appointment instead of 4 (my doctor was out of town), and I’m a week behind. I suppose I should quit rambling about that and be patient…but these next four weeks are going to feel like an eternity!

That’s the update for now!


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  1. I'm so happy for you and Keith! That is so wonderful that you are pregnant again and that your initial screening is showing low risk. I pray that your AFP test comes back with good results as well. I completely understand the anxiety you are feeling as you wait for the ultrasound. It was torture, but so wonderful once we had it. Try to stay positive (your screening tests should help with that :)) and patient, which is so hard. When I did the gender test, I thought mine indicated that it was a boy, but as you know we are having a girl, so your test may have been wrong too! I guess you'll find out soon! Good luck with everything. I will be praying for the three of you.